Commenter Of The Day: Propellerheads Edition

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A segway between repetitive house music/trip-hop and the common use of samples in popular music, Propellerheads weren't particularly prolific for the Big Beat genre but they did provide a sound more varied than what you get from The Chemical Brothers and The Crystal Method. As a hallmark of how forward-thinking their musical style was, the first Apple iPod TV song was "Take California" from the band. Another good sign they know what they're doing is a collaboration on their only studio album with Jungle Brothers and De La Soul, though it would be to note De La Soul has collaborated with everyone. For a couple of nerds from Bath, they make some good music. The closes thing to a big hit they had in the U.S. was the song "HIstory Repeating" with Shirley Basey, used in a Jaguar commercial. As low gas prices have decreased, so have hybrid car values, but My Beater Mercedes Lacks Reverse thinks history may repeat itself again.


To me, this screams pick up about 15 Metros, CRX-HFs, first-gen Priuls, etc, and sock them away somewhere for the next couple of years.

Humans aren't particularly smart. Oil may not shoot to $150/bbl, but don't be shocked if OPEC runs it to $110, which will miraculously result in $4.50/gallon gasoline.

Given how much there is, and how it's obviously pretty easy to obtain, it should be $20/bbl, which results in plenty of profit and stupid vehicle purchases for everyone.

You, the one commuting in the Excursion/Yukon/gas Ram 2500 Quad-Cab, solo, I'm looking at you, moron.

All of you Escalade drivers, you're just idiotic for paying what you did for a Suburban with a wreath and crest. I hope you can hock those 24" wheels/tires for food in about a year.

Here's hoping your beater Mercedes is a W123.



Yay, Props! One of my favorite bands. Probably more famous for the music in the infamous lobby scene in Matrix though.

Congrats Beater!