Commenter Of The Day: Project Runway Edition

Being in a long-term relationship means watching shows you're generally not predisposed to view on a regular basis. You do it because you love the person you're with and if they get excited about long-distance running then, dammit, you can learn to at least feign some enthusiasm. And if someone will agree to pretend to watch stage after stage of WRC replays then you can survive watching Project Runway. In fact, of all the shows we watch because someone else wants to, it's probably our favorite. There's a craft involved in creating clothing designs not all that dissimilar to creating car designs, as Tanshanomi explained in the BB1 Concept reveal.

It's no secret that the minidresses couture fashion designers sell are three to four inches longer-hemmed than the version that appeared on the runway when introduced. Women love the daring look right up until it's THEIR upper thighs that will be bared. Likewise, I can't help but wonder why all the mannequins in fancy department stores are designed with really obvious nipples, when the vast majority of women find visible nippage to be a major social faux pas.

So it seems that what works in the detached, sterile environment of fashion world klieglights doesn't work in real life.

In that same vein, I love the way Peugeot's BB1 looks in these photos. It's daring, quirky, fun, innovative and shocking enough to seemingly wrest one's attention involuntarily away from anything nearby. Brilliant!

And, conversely, if I saw one on the street, I would think it looks like an AMC Pacer in the final stages of leprosy.


C'mon Peugeot. Make it work!

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Congratulations, Mr. Tanshanomi!! I agree about what works in the fashion world doesn't work in real life....including visible nippage. I just had a very interesting image search for nipples. I hope you enjoy my award for winning today's COTD. Good job!