The Simpsons have been on the air since TV was invented, and while the show centers around the family, it's the secondary characters that deliver some of its funniest moments. Moments like any time Professor John I.Q. Nerdelbaum Frink, Jr. is on screen. His weird inventions and social awkwardness along with a tendency to out-Jerry Lewis the Nutty Professor character upon which he's based makes his supreme nerdliness lovable. Lovable in the same way a Camaro with a train supercharger strapped to the engine is lovable, and in an equivalent way its creator is himself a mad genius, as pauljones points out:

Stephen Hawking predicted this mathematically as the quantum singularity responsible for the supermassive black hole located at the center of the galaxy, known as the Sagittarious A* region

*A=Awesome, as calculated by the layman's formula of size (S) times torque (T) to the ridonkulous (r) power

Don't forget the GLAVIN!