Commenter Of The Day: Prince Of Darkness Edition

There have been many individuals saddled with the term "Prince of Darkness" but only one, Joseph Lucas, has serious relevance to the car enthusiast. Lucas founded the company Lucas Electronics in the late 19th century and it rose to prominence as a manufacturer of electrical parts for the nascent automobile industry and for military uses. Fast-forward nearly a century and Lucas Electronics became synonymous with poorly wired British-Leyland cars. You know the jokes. Lucas switches have three positions: dim, flicker and off. Lucas is actually an acronym for Loose Unsoldered Connections And Splices. The Lucas motto is "get home before dark." Et cetera. All of these criticisms are fair but, given that the company's namesake died in 1902 of typhoid, it may not be quite the fair moniker. It's sad he died so young as he could have been driven to his grave in a Jaguar XJ8 Hearse. Of course, POLAR sees an ironic end to this scenario.


We wonder if those tow trucks always follow the Jag hearse.

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