Polysemy is one of those little linguistic quirks that make learning a foreign language, especially English, so much fun. As if homophone weren't confusing enough (two words that sound identical but have different meanings), polysemous words are those with identical spellings but meanings that are similar but not identical. Yeah, big fun. A chest, for instance, can mean a human chest or furniture but both share the same concept and similar meaning. Another word is blank, which could be either an empty space or a shell that fires but doesn't have a bullet as both represent the absence of something. Chrysler is going to run into a linguistic nightmare of its own if NumberSix's reading of the future Chrysler plans is correct.

Won't the 200C nomenclature confuse people when they see the 500 is a teeny wee car? People who own 300s will be pissed too and they'll have to glue on more chrome fender vents than ever to express their masculinity.

Btw, 200C probably means duecento cazzo, because you'd have to be one to buy one.

/I'm not sorry

/neither are we.