If you want to fully appreciate the not-completely-overblown corporate wizardry of Steve Jobs just look back on the Disney/Pixar relationship. Even if Pixar would have had a difficult time moving forward without Disney, the company under Jobs' control was able to outlast no less than Micheal Eisner because of a great product mixture and knowing when to be a dick and for how long. Sure, Disney ended up acquiring Pixar but in the process Jobs ended up with more shares than anyone else and a place on the Disney board. Our pal Eligh points out Disney wasn't quite so easy to manipulate in its Magic Highway days.

The controlled access highway is pretty well realized via the Interstate. Everything else is a bit much. We're still moving our cars by burning fossil fuels, after all. It turns out that you can't even trust some pilots to do the flying right, so there's no way in hell I'd trust Joe Six Pack with a flying car. And when we're adding significant percentages to our utility bill just by plugging in our cell phone and iPod chargers, can you imagine what the national electric meter would do if you plugged all the roads into the grid? And that just for ice melting? Puh-leeze.

The film should have shown the zombie-like empty stare of the sausagey children in the back, mesmerized by the little glowing square and the peculiar, brightly-colored singing and dancing shapes thereon. But Disney wouldn't have wanted to give too much away, way back then

It's a small world, afterall.