Commenter Of The Day: Edition

We all make bad decisions. On your best day you probably make two or three of them. Highway instead of Expressway. Elevator instead of stairs. Fried Snickers bar instead of baked potato. And there are all kinds of bad decisions. There are the minor bad decisions that impact only a little, like not taking your umbrella with you and then getting rained on. But there are also those bad decisions that, when added together, comprise your life. Not getting up the nerve to ask Cindy Preeter to the dance. Choosing Tech instead of State. Taking a loan from Frankie The Snake. Putting all of your money in stock.

But there's glory in the fall. Sometimes. As we learned today from people answering Herr Leiberman's Question Of The Day, the bad decisions give you character. As people who love cars but don't always have the money for a Leno-esque stable, we make choices we wouldn't otherwise make. All the engine problems, driving quirks and lost money are just the price of living an interesting life, as Teargas points out:

I can't honestly say I've ever made a good decision when buying cars. The closest I've ever come to smart was when I bought one of the first MKV GTI's available. Fun to drive, quick reliable and good gas mileage with a warranty. But within 8 months, I had sold it to buy a 1984 911. I can't bring myself to buy a nice reliable Japanese car, even if it's just a daily driver. It's really weird.


Live on, brothers and sisters, live on.

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