Commenter Of The Day: Paul Reiser Is Dead Edition

Paul Reiser is not, actually, dead. So far as we know he's still alive. However, we were having a discussion the other day with a friend about what celebrity death rumors would be more plausible than others. Say someone uber famous like Tom Cruise dies and no one believes it and it's easy to disprove. Pick someone no one ever heard of and people won't care. The trick to a good celebrity death rumor is picking someone with a recognizable name no one has seen for a while like Jim Belushi or, we realized, Paul Reiser — who is NOT dead, though he did appear in Diner with Mickey Rourke, the subject of our Porsche Panamera V6 COTD from OldeEnglishD.

There was a time when Mickey Rourke was one of the best looking men in Hollywood. He was so good looking that when they needed an actor to play opposite of Kim Basinger in a movie filled with near porn level sex scenes, Mickey was the obvious choice.

Then Mickey decided to take up a second career in boxing. He got the shit kicked out of him, his face took a beating. He sustained injuries that resulted in his face being called, "almost unrecognizable". He underwent all sorts of reconstructive plastic surgery and ended up looking like he fell down the ugly tree and hit every branch.

Porsche is becoming the automotive equivilant of Mickey Rourke. First they bloated out their lineup with SUV's and ugly 4 door sedans, then they stick a V6 in a vehicle. This once beautiful company is, to me, almost unrecognizable.


When Paul Reiser actually does die do you think they'll mention My Two Dads in his obits?

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