Novelist John Haskell creates a character we can all relate to in his new book Out Of My Skin, the tale of a writer who gets roped into covering the world of celebrity look-alikes. After befriending a Steve Martin impersonator the writer decides Martin would be the perfect person to imitate. Fortunately, or unfortunately, he falls in love with someone as his version of "Steve" and is thus confronted with an unusual identity crisis. Having signed a fake autograph from Steve Martin to us in a copy of one of his plays we own, we can get trying to be the comedian. From The Jerk up through Shop Girl, Martin's projects are always entertaining. Sure, he makes awful films (ahem, Pink Panther), but he also makes far more compelling films like L.A. Story and Bowfinger. If pretending to be Martin doesn't work, we can follow the lead of Iron-Balls McGinty and use a Steve Martin-themed commenter name to make hilarious comments in the 12VOLT Prius post.

OK, I got my answer. I guess "nominal voltage of 273.6 volts" didn't fit. Some stereotypes exist for a reason.

This is the rare case of getting a COTD for answering your own question.

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