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Yesterday, we used COTD to discuss a burn. Today we're going to focus on being "on fire" in a good way. Anyone who grew up playing NBA Jam knows that you're on fire when you manage to complete a number of great plays back-to-back. In that sense, smalleyxb122 pulled off two snarky slam dunks in industry posts today. There was this classic response to the Honda Insight Hybrid:

"The new Honda Hindsight - When our Insight led us down the wrong path of hybrid vehicles, we looked back to what Toyota had done, and copied it verbatim." -rejected first draft of Honda's press release.


And in the post about a GM spokesman unaware that the Volt pre-production model was in California we've got this zinger:

In fairness, GM spokeperson Rob Peterson just found out that GM was developing a plug in hybrid three days ago, when he saw the commercial on television. Wait until next week, when he finds out that SUV sales are down.


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