Once, in calculus class (yes, I took calculus... but it was high school, and I was drunk and remember nothing) our teacher was writing the answer to a proof on the board. He said something to the effect of, "And that's the answer because it is obvious. Wait... no, it's not obvious. Er, no, it is obvious." He went on like this for some time before he eventually wandered out of the room still muttering, "Obvious. Not obvious. No, obvious," to himself. We all just sat there, thinking about the girls volley ball team. Suddenly, our teacher runs back in, flies up to the board, bangs his chalk and proclaims, "It's obvious!"

Which brings us nicely to today's triumphant Commenter. Krazy Eye Killa Hardigree broke the epic news that Koeniggsegg is bringing the mighty (and we mean mighty) CCX to America. Mad Matt even tossed in a great Top Gear clip of Clarkson nearly killing himself. This led teargas to remark:

Aren't cars just great?

See? It's obvious.