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Remember Jennifer Grey? She was the angry sister in Ferris Bueller's Day Off and then Baby in Dirty Dancing. You may not recognize her because she had a nose job that went horribly wrong and then had to be corrected, leaving her completely different-looking. Her career never quite rebounded, though she was on the sitcom It's like, You Know, which wasn't that great, despite having Chris Eigeman as its star. But all is not bad breaks for Grey: She ended up marrying Clark Cregg, who is kind of a badass.

But not all nose jobs go so poorly, as with the Camaro SS rhinoplasty, though Smalleyxb122 thinks some excuses may be in order:

When asked about the recent press coverage stating that she had a nose job, the new Camaro replied:

"Maybe I did, and maybe I didn't"

Though to the viewing public, it's as plain as the nose on...well, you know.

As the interview was cut short, we were unable to address the controversy surrounding the use of recordings of V8 exhaust when performing on Saturday Night Live.


We'd pay money to see it dance a jig off the stage.

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