Commenter Of The Day: No Soup For You Edition

The Soup Nazi, played perfectly by Larry Thomas on Seinfeld, is the reality-based version of a real ornery soup chef. His soup is great but, it turns out, he's got a bad attitude. The characters in the show try to appeal to him, but the more effort they put in the more the chef is upset with them and the less he wants to give them the soup. We don't sell soup here, but we do give out stars and leavethegun-takethecannoli really wants one. He wants one so bad he's dropped a four-part comment in four different articles today in the hopes of earning not just a COTD but also a star. It was quite the story and totally deserving of a COTD but a star... you're working kind of hard for a star. No star for you.

The COTD Tome:
Chatper One
Chatper Two
Chapter Three
Chatper Four


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