The news doesn't just happen. Senior editors meet with lower-level editors, producers, and reporters to decide what gets covered when and how much time to put aside for the coverage and where to place it in the paper or broadcast. This is a "budget" meeting that has less to do with dollars than it does to do with the way resources and attention is diverted to a particular story on a particular day. As much work as you do ahead of the time to deal with the flow of information in a given period, you have to deal with the fact that sometimes news does just happen. And though we didn't set aside time for pics of this skinned trailer, we have to give props to Scandinavian Flick for tying it into our regular coverage.

After parking, people in the office building video taped him while he "finished", even while being interviewed by the police. He was quoted as saying that he "was not sucking d**k".

The jury is still out on whether the whole thing was a hoax to promote a new reality TV show. The absense of cargo indicates foul play, especially considering that there is no evidence of it bailing out during the truck's 50 mile journey. Charges will likely be filed.

More on this at 5pm, 7pm, 11pm, and so on until a celebrity shows her naughty bits again, and we can move on.


If you look closely at picture four you'll see Balloon Boy.

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