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Commenter Of The Day: Needless Markups Edition

Illustration for article titled Commenter Of The Day: Needless Markups Edition

Was invited to a casual-sounding outdoor wedding in the Texas Hill Country and thought a nice pair of jeans, oxford, and slick gray sportcoat I picked up would fit the bill. And it did, mostly, though everyone else seemed to trend more business than casual. And then an old friend from high school appeared, the ex-Army Ranger, redolent with all the style I was attempting but suddenly realized I hadn't achieved. In addition to looking like a male model, he also worked at Neiman Marcus and so he had the same outfit only much better. Jerk. The old chum, like the Ferrari F40 in vinyl, did the look better than most, but unlike the majority of high-end Neiman Marcus buyers he was quite gregarious and good company. Thus, take GasGuzzler's comment with a grain of hand-crafted thai fusion ginger finishing salt.


The F40 Vinyl Wrap* is the perfect accesory to complement your simulated wood wrap on your house, your simulated rock wrap in front of your house, your simulated paver wrap on your driveway, or even the wrap that simulates you being tolerable enough to spend time with.

All this and more from the Neiman Marcus Catalog for Middle Eastern Royal Families.

*F40 Vinyl Wrap limited production only. Priced affordably at $79,999 USD. Order yours today.

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Congratulations, Mr. Guzzler, on your COTD! My award to you is the real thing....a non-vinyl wrapped Ferrari. This lovely lady will deliver it to you as soon as she finishes her suntan. She is stimulated, not simulated.