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Commenter Of The Day: My Kind Of... Edition

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When talking about a mutual friend the other day it was impossible not to comment on the fact that this guy was, in fact, a huge asshole. But there was something about him that made it not bother us. It reminded me of the saying:
"he's my kind of asshole." The key was the guy's ability to say what everyone was thinking even if it wasn't appropriate. It's rude and often offensive. But it's hard to thwack someone for saying what everyone was thinking. So maybe our own spy plane-obsessed Sam Smith waxed poetic on U2 spy planes, but wasn't everyone thinking what Lotte is saying.

With the El Camino, you could have set up the detachable landing gear, have the wingtips drop into the bed, lock, then the two trucks drive off.

(For an extra challenge, you can do it backwards: get up to speed, then 180 turn behind the plane, reverse until the gear clicks, then slow down, letting the landing gear roll off with the plane . And then a 180 again, accelerate past the plane, flick, drift in front of it barely missing the other Camino whose mirroring your actions, then you realize you're heading backasswards again, so just drift around the plane a few times until it is stopped. Then just do donuts and a smoke show. Y'know, just to add to the awesomeness factor.)


Yeah, because a Spy plane landing isn't cool enough on its own.