There are many ways to remember the order of the planets, depending on whether or not you include wee little Pluto. There's the ever-popular mnemonic device "My Very Excited Mother Just Shot Uncle Nathan" or "Men Visiting Earth Might Just Stay Until November, Probably." Not like the information is that important in the grand scheme of things. Inverting Saturn and Uranus isn't going to cause any lasting damage... or is it? We prefer the simple, straight-forward acronym: MVEMJSUNP. How can you forget that?

You'll never forget that, though you may forget about the Saturn Green Line name, which is getting killed. This made Graverobber particularly sad:

Wow, first it was Mercury circling the drain, now Saturn can't teach its customers that green equals hybrid. It's looking like a bad week fro celestial bodies.

Next you'll be telling me Venus Williams has been banned from the WTA for drug use, and Mars Bars are being recalled for salmonella poisoning. Pluto has been spayed for dry-humping Minnie, and Jupiter Florida has been hit with a hurricane.

Geez, I don't even want to hear about Uranus!

Planet jokes, we're in heaven. [Photo: MIT]