Most of you have probably heard the story before, but when I was just able to walk, I painted a nice fat white racing stripe on my Dad's Datsun 280Z. With a roller and house paint. I can only imagine the pain my father felt, as he loved that car. So much in fact, that whenever โ€” and I mean whenever โ€” we would pass Universal City Nissan he would point up to the top left hand corner of the lot that faced the 101 and say, "That's where my Z was, right there." being young and dumb, my sister and I would typically reply with, "We know, Dad! You always say that!" Only now do I realize just how important that particular spot is, and how I would give anything to hear him tell me again.

Sorry to get all serious on you, COTDs are supposed to be fun! And you know today's is, as it comes from another of skank/slut Murliee's vintage Japanese car ads. Today's inspired Uncle_Bo to say:

Anyway, that was totally a So Cal version of Charlie. Instead of buying his Angels each a new Ford, he takes them to Sage's Universal City Datsun and let's them loose in a showroom full of beige and two-tone's. They probably left the dealership en masse to go see Linda Ronstadt at The Palomino.


We're sure he's 100% right.