Comment Of The DayYour good comments.  

When we asked you all about your stories of car swapping glory we thought we'd be regaled mostly with tales of old grandmothers with low-mileage muscle cars. We were a little off. It looks like you all have managed to find running cars for about as much money as someone is likely to carry in their change jar. Even better, many of you then turn these cars around for a profit by parting it out. Capitalism, yeah!

That being said, some of you dared to spend thousand of dollars on your first ride. Tsk, tsk. Texajeff has nothing but contempt for you.

I can't believe all of the "Rockefellers" on this site paying thousands of dollars for their first car. The first 5 or so cars I drove were either $100 or free and worth every penny but not much more.

The best of the bunch was a 1975 Orange Saab 99 for which I paid $125 and drove for nearly 10 years (including a move to Texas from Ohio). I put about 75K on that car and sold it for $350. Dollar for dollar this was the best car I ever owned.

I also drove an 1970 Audi Super 90 that a friend gave me. That friend, coincidentally, is on the LeMons Cavalier Station Wagon team (and the Cavalier was his personal car).

There was also a 1973 Opel Manta in this group.

Anyone whose car came with a radio or A/C or a passenger side door should be ashamed.