Commenter Of The Day: Moe Howard On Hand Edition

As an august member of one of the nation's premier online information sites for all things automotive, it's my pleasure to bring to light stories and information that elucidate the human condition through the world of travel and engineering, the locomotion of our emotions. And when I get tired of that crap, there's always the Three Stooges, and one Moe Howard, waiting for me with his good hand. Like a nice crack across the face of collected idiots, SecondSplitter's comment on Boris Said's palm-talk with Joey Said's face was short, sharp and refreshing:

Said palms Hand's job at Daytona.


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Congratulations, Mr. SecondSplitter, on your funny COTD! I would like to gift you with this handsome Viper. The lovely lady will be on her way with it as soon as she fixes her clothing malfunction.