Generally being a fan of the non-grunge music from the Grunge Era, Alice In Chains wasn't a band we listened to very often. There were a few good songs, but they never had the cool slacker chic of a Nirvana or the impressive musicianship of a Soundgarden. Not to mention, the lead singer's substance abuse problems were never quite as entertaining as Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland's stories (like forcing the head of his security to sleep outside his dressing room so he wouldn't sneak off and get in trouble). Caveats aside, "Man In The Box" is a great example of the genre and features the kind of guitar play responsible for making games like Rock Band so addictive. While we don't expect too many of the Jalopnik commenters to rush off and buy a Nissan GT-R toolbox, commenter Maymar is clearly our man on the box situation.

I bet there's a secret drawer on the back that Snap-On unofficialy talks about, but if you use it, the box will fall to pieces. Meanwhile, Craftsman is retalliating with the Corvette ZR-1 toolbox. It's just a giant wooden box, so it's not as nice inside as some of the competing toolboxes, but it'll hold more tools than the GT-R toolbox. There's the Viper ACR toolbox also, but that's really only for professional mechanics, it actively trys to kill everyone else.

Don't you get it, it's about censorship man!