Commenter Of The Day: Madeleine Albright Edition

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The greatest party game every invented is not strip poker or Apples-to-Apples or even Russian roulette. It is Celebrities. Popularized by its inclusion on an episode of Sports Night, Celebrities is so simple even someone mostly paralyzed by drink can passably perform. It's basically the game of trying to get your team, in 60 seconds, to guess the name of a famous person written on a card without using any proper nouns. No passing. What makes it so great is that the game is varied based upon the players and their knowledge and background. For instance, we saw a player once try to indicate that the person on her card was "The first female prime minister of the country we used to be a colony of." Without missing a beat her sister yells out "Madeline Albright!" This was absolutely wrong but actually correct within the context of the game. Madeleine Albright was the first female Sec. Of State (starting a trend), she was thinking of Margaret Thatcher, but since the sisters both get them confused it was a correct answer. Regardless, ProstWest knows what we're talking about in the Fiero car wash post.

Scene: A cigarette pack and lottery scratch-off filled Exxon station booth. Outside, a Veyron approaches the whirling brushes.

Assistant attendant: "Hey, man, shouldn't we stop that Fiero from going through the car wash?"

Attendant: "Nah; I'm pretty sure that's a Lambo, Dude.

Ahhh memes.

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