Commenter Of The Day: Lonely Sea Captain Edition

It's one thing to share you passion for automobiles with a member of the opposite sex, but what if your first love is the sea? Well, you could try to use Sea Captain Date, as old "Cap'n Jacobson" did here in his successful quest to Google the heck out of that Internet for love. (As for whether this is fake, this guy appears to have about as much nautical experience as Cap'n Crunch, and the main site fakes a newspaper article as backup.) Among the several hundred comments on our Jeep forum relationship advice, Sexyhammer's stood out as an example of a well-running model:

My fiancee is awesome. Since we have been together, she:

- went on our first date in my Miata, shark mouth painted across the front bumper and everything. And she liked it!

- helped me sell, re-claim and re-sell my first Cressida including hooking up the tow strap and watching me steer it home with no driver seat and nothing holding the steering shaft to the dash bar.

- watched me spend the money on a second Cressida in much better condition to put my JZ motor into and didn't complain that I had 2 of the same car, both not running sitting in my driveway (like some previous bitch would have).

- drove out to a big local drift event with me in my car with no A/C in 100+ degree weather and bared the direct sun while we watched some of the best action we have seen and rubbed elbows with pro and semi-pro level drivers, and attracted a lot of attention at the same time.

- drove 8 hours in the same heat to check out a busted ass old station wagon (her least favorite type of car) and eventually pick it up.

- accompanied me on several trips to the shop where my car is being worked on and enjoyed watching the MKIV's making big numbers on their dyno.

- crammed herself into the back seat of a MKIII Supra for the 4 hour drive to Houston for Supra Nationals.

- waited in freezing temps while I walked around crowded parking lots taking pictures of cars on several occasions.

- encouraged me NEVER to sell any of my cars I didn't want to because she knows how much I love them.


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Congratulations, Mr. Sexyhammer, on today's COTD! Sexyhammer? Anyway, my award to you is this fun Jeep, and this fun girl will bring it to you soon. Your fiancee sounds are very, very lucky!