When I was little, I spent a great deal of time worrying about things that might get me when I wasn't looking. I'd lie in bed and worry about death, or meteors falling from the sky, or that kid that I purposely hit in the head with my lunch box in kindergarten. (He was asking for it. Long story.) All of these things, it seemed, could end me at any moment and without any warning.

That said, one thing never bothered me: roller coasters. They scared the shit out of me, but I loved them anyway. Did my skinny kid ass flop around in the big, adult-size seats? Of course. Did I spend a lot of time worrying about letting go and falling out? Naturally. (I now know that it's pretty much impossible, but it seemed real enough at the time.) Roller coasters made sense because they offer predictable threats — their paths never change, and the road is always laid out in front of you. Coasters are safe, planned adrenaline, and for the most part, that's why people like them.

On that note, we come to JuanOxido's comment in How Quick Is A Roller Coaster? The post noted that Car and Driver had installed a Racelogic Vbox in Cedar Point's Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster. In referring to the Dragster's acceleration, I wrote that the coaster would, below 60 mph, "smoke almost anything on wheels." This is what I got in response:


Clever. Juvenile, but clever. Call us crazy, but we prefer this.