Commenter Of The Day: Little Professor Edition

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It's around this time every year that the newness of any holiday present starts to wane just enough for a few judgments to creep in. Which is why sometimes the best presents are the ones new only to this era, such as the "Little Professor" calculator we'll be taking home. It's not a 74-step Battle Ops Transformer, but it worked so well in one childhood, it deserves a chance with another. Seeing through the hype around the East Coast's big winter storm made electricworry show off his professorial skills in the weather department:

Here, here. The apocalyptic storms that fill headlines these days wouldn't even close schools for a day here. Oh, i know, we're prepared for it, but a few weeks ago it was snowing like crazy and there were 50+ mph winds. People went about their and the like. No power outages. Just a rather crappy weekend to be outside.

I don't have any sympathy, maybe because i work outside (not this week, i'm off) year round and it's my friggin' job to get to work first so that all the snow is cleared for the other workers. A snow emergency is when you're inducing an avalanche on a greenhouse so it doesn't collapse, but you get caught in it and driven into the loose snow over a creek bed. It's when you find yourself buried up to your armpits and your snowshoes pinned down under 5 feet of packed'll be the only one on the property for several weeks...and you left both phones elsewhere so they wouldn't get ruined.

Less than that is merely an inconvenience.


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Congratulations, Mr. electricworry, on today's COTD! My award to you is this beautiful Cobra, and it will be brought to you by this equally beautiful lady. The snow is no big deal to her either.