Commenter Of The Day: Lincoln-Darwin Edition

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Recently, it's been fairly well reported that both Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born on the same day: February 12, 1809. It isn't that surprising that this coincidence (and that's all it really is) has captured so much interest, given that these two men were giants of the 19th century and managed to live separate, yet dramatic, lives. Both embraced and then challenged conventional notions and faced strong opposition for doing so. Feelings about Darwin and Lincoln sharing a birthday are so strong that it lead to an eight-week-long war on Wikipedia over whether or not to include one line about the coincidence in Charles Darwin's page. The debate on the Wiki talk page consumed over 30,000 words. In that same spirit, we had two great commenters (more, actually) in the Saab Bloat story. Hopefully, beercheck and Van Sarockin don't share a birthday...


From Beercheck:

There once was a car make from Sweden
Owned by GM, which was bleedin'.
Just barely afloat
They cut out some bloat
But discovered there's more to succeedin'.

Followed one minute later by Van Sarockin with this:

So, somebody abducts a cherished relative. Then they keep them captive for years in isolation. They exploit them, parade them for ridicule while making them do outlandish things. The your relative is decapitated and their head shrunk. The captor then puts the head on a necklace and comes to Thanksgiving dinner, claiming to be your dead cousin.

How would you feel?

Also, Van Sarockin's assistant was named Beercheck and Beercheck's assistant was named Van Sarockin... creepy.



I think they wrote a song about this.

"Twin Sons of Different Mothers."