Commenter Of The Day: Le Fast, Le Furious Edition

For those who worry that the language of fast cars isn't as universal as it used to be, we offer this clip from ZRD Afterwork, a car show that flashes onto the suburbs of Paris once every two months. Some may see this as the worst kind of viral American culture infecting a old world host, but then again: if those kids screw up street racing, they get free health care. Middleswine took a more gimlet-eyed look at the weirdness of European culture revealed by the Ferrari Four:

was able to acquire a draft version of the new FF owners manual. Here is an excerpt:

Page 72: London Philharmonic Orchestra Mode

Your new Ferrari Four has a unique feature designed specifically for your road going enjoyment - the London Philharmonic. While in Park, turn the wheel 270 degrees to the left, reach underneath the steering column and slide your hand down the column until you feel two lumps. Slowly massage these lumps until you see a silhouette of a violin glow on your dashboard. Once the violin is alit turn the wheel back to center and enter Launch Control Mode (See: Page 53). Apply a healthy launch to your Four (preferably in Snow). As you begin to accelerate you will here a heavenly blast of classical music which will overpower your senses, this is normal.

This mode should be used whenever you are in the presence of a Lamborghini, Bentley, Aston Martin, Pagani, or Porsche owner. If London Philharmonic Orchestra Mode is not engaged you will hear snickers from them of "hehe looks like a Z3", "wow that makes my Panamera look good", and "you put 4wd, on that thing?". Thankfully for you, we at Ferrari allow you to apply this mode to overpower them with the awesomeness of engine noise and a symphony orchestra, but mostly a symphony orchestra. Enjoy.



Congratulations, Mr. Middleswine, on your orchestrated COTD! I have for you a silver Ferrari which this lovely lady will bring to you in a few days, if she doesn't fall off her shoes.