Of the strange gifts my friends have purchased with the intent of pleasing another, the Law & Order coloring book is fairly high on the list of the coolest. Dick Wolf's gritty NYC cop series is now, thanks to the USA network, entering its second decade and 400th spinoff. Working from home and having cable we can attest to show being aired on at least one network at any given time during the day. It's entertaining television, though not our favorite cop show (tossup between The Wire and Cop Rock). Love it or hate it, it's part of the zeitgeist, which explains why the Law & Order Coloring Book is so awesome. Almost as great as 13oostedwgn's cut-and-paste GT-R safety car.

Step 1: Cut along dotted line.
Step 2: Discard the fat.
Step 3: Apply hot glue to powertrain.
Step 4: Fasten securely to '70 240Z.
Step 5: Enjoy feeling of win.

Oh, to be a kid again.