Commenter Of The Day: Larry Flynt Edition

Like two peas in a pod, auto enthusiasm and misogyny are the perfect couple. Men too hung up on their inadequacy to treat women as equals get off on the control they can exercise on the object of their fetishism: automobiles. We kid because we love, but seriously guys, your obsession with cars is creepy.

Oh, sorry, forgot who I was there for a second. In an article about self esteem-challenged chicks posing with Ferrari Testarossas, what do you expect? Engineerd got in on the fun of escaping reality by complaining about the fairer sex today, constructing a numbers comparison between that Testarossa and the average babe that'd be interested in posing with it:

Car/Woman Comparison:

Car: 2 doors
Woman: 3 entry points

Body Style
Car: Coupe, fixed top
Woman: Female, removable wig

Car: Premium Unleaded
Woman: Salad, which is later purged

Car: 4.9L Colombo Flat 12 (mid mounted)
Woman: Carbon-based energy storage (mid mounted)

Car: 390 hp
Woman: 69 W

Car: 5-speed manual
Woman: Biped

Drive Configuration
Car: RWD
Woman: Feet

Cost (Year of production)
Car: $181,000 (1981)
Woman: $100,000 down, monthly payments of $50,000 for the rest of your life. (1981)


We know which one we'd choose.

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