Commenter Of The Day: Lake Wobegon Edition

On certain mornings and evenings, tired of listening to the same A.C. Newman track over-and-over again, we glide our radio's tuner towards public radio and pickup the gentle tones of Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion and warm ourselves in the fiction News from Lake Wobegon and, somehow, our woes drift away. Based on the town of Freeport, Minnesota, it has a serious population divide; half the town is German and the other half is Norwegian. As a descriptor, Keillor explains "all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average." This may explain BigHarv's comment today in the QOTD.

Ah, good to see that everyone here-staff included-are children of Lake Wobegon.

Let me be the one to lead my fellow Jalops in a credo of modesty and humility:

I am not an above average driver.
I have been at fault in traffic accidents.
I have scraped bumpers, hit curbs, stalled engines, and not checked my blind spot.
I have been honked at and deserved it.
I have answered my cell phone or texted while driving.
I have driven in the passing lane with a open drink between my legs.
I have braked only when my passenger started screaming.
I have lost control of my car while doing something irresponsible.
And despite knowing better, I am likely to do all of these things again.

Now put your damn seatbelts on and stop complaining about 'those idiots in the Explorer'.


What's with the sass? You're not from St. Olaf, are you?

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