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In Carlo Collodi's original, pre-Disneyfied version of Pinocchio the titular character visits with Il Grillo Parlante: the cricket that talks. As our language sometimes lacks the fluidity of Italian and because people like names, Disney gave the talking cricket the name Jiminy Cricket, which itself was a way of getting around taking the Lord's name in vain. As tiny as the character is, he was given the chance to sing "When You Wish Upon A Star," a song closely associated with Disney. Today we were reintroduced to another little performer, the Aveo-cum-Pontiac G3 and Elhigh managed to include the other form of the expletive.

Saying this thing is a dressed up Aveo is like saying your sex doll has implants. Sure it's an enhancement, but jiminy Christmas, that effort just isn't worth the trouble.


Disney does not approve of this COTD. [Disney.Go.Com]

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