This COTD is coming to you live from our basement, where we play My Sharona on a constant loop. Being the good sports we are, we bring you spy photos of all kinds of vehicles because we know that one man's 2010 Buick Lacrosse is another's Mahindra Scorpio. But sometimes you're all more interested in discussing the ins-and-outs of our only female Attorney General, a one Ms. Janet Reno. A women who held the position of America's top law enforcement official and has many accomplishments to her credit. Sure there's Waco, but dance party takes away Waco.

Personally, we've always thought of Reno as a good sport after she secretly showed up on Saturday Night Live to parody herself with Will Farrell. Why the hell are we taking about this? Blame BentoBoxx:

The Buick LaCrosse interior super secret spy photo???? WTF?? This is like making a big deal of having pics of Janet Reno's underwear.

We think Janet would find that funny.