Commenter Of The Day: Jalopnik Endorses Edition

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Though we attempt to stay apolitical here at Jalopnik, it's hard to ignore that there's an election going on tomorrow. We've tried to cover the important car-related election stories such as what supporters drive and get-out-the-votemobiles. We've talked about Sarah Palin's Mustang and Barack's Grand Cherokee. Now that the day is upon us, it is time for Jalonpik to, belatedly, endorse a candidate. That's right. We're pulling for the angry old man from the south. A.J. Foyt for president. He's a fighter. A businessman. We know he can win in Indiana. And when we asked how you were going to get to the polls, we think Bret came up with a greater answer:

My polling place here in Seattle-istan is in the church right behind my house. However, I will likely drive to vote as my street is narrow and doesn't have sidewalks. The guilt infused, SUV driving libtards around here aren't very good at watching for pedestrians. I will proudly fire up the Miata, idle up to the intersection and turn left. The recently fallen leaves, wet from being in Seattle, will have the Miata sliding on its Azenis for fifty feet. I will maintain some semblance of composure in time to pull into the parking lot, selecting a space in the shadow of my garden shed. A gleeful voting experience will follow. I'm socially very liberal - you get one guess how I'm voting. I will then buy a cookie from the church ladies and hop back in the car. The turn back onto my street will again require a little opposite lock. A quick blat of power and I'll coast safely back into my car port. My glasses of election return watching wine will be all the more tasty after the dual satisfaction of fulfilling my civc duty and drifting up to the church and back at a speed never greater than 15mph.


Jalop the vote!

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Rob Emslie

Good one Bret. You know, I hear that Sarah Palin thinks that Miata drivers are the hawt.