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A guilty pleasure we have is How I Met Your Mother, another fairly formulaic sitcom about a group of attractive young people living in New York. What differentiates it is great character work (Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segel, Alyson Hannigan), Canadian jokes, and a few wonderfully bizarre side plots. For instance, they have an intervention and have such a fun time they start having more interventions. They have so many interventions they eventually have to have an intervention to stop having interventions. It sounds silly, but it works. The Cash For Clunkers Bill has some wondering if they should crush their beloved cars. Props to everyone who started an intervention and stopped one such reader from doing the same, especially Gas Guzzler.


The original question from Ciscokidinsf:

Help Jalopers, I have a conflict of interest: My beloved 1993 3000GT SL, 5-speed 156K miles, needs a quick AC fix, new tires, a new timing belt soon, and a paint job. Still runs awesome, nice interior. I've owned this car for 15 years. Still reliable to be a daily driver. Car probably worth $3,500 for a top bid. Realistically, $3,000 maybe. I was planning to give it to my son in 2 years for college. Now, I qualify for the cash-for-clunkers b/c the car gets 18MPG overall. I could get $4500 for a trade (get like a Nissan Cube), But... I can't bear with letting my beloved 3000GT go to the crusher. So... am I on the crack pipe? I know this model is not beloved by anyone here. What to do?


And COTD from Guzzler:

@ciscokidinsf: I have a TT Stealth, the 3000GT is beloved my friend.

And how does the SL only get 18 overall?!?!?! Either way, keep it, give it your son. Nothing like keeping a car in the family.


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