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There's a concept in economics pursued primarily by Latin American countries in the 20th century designed to offset the influence and power of global industrial powers by manufacturing at home what one would normally import and making the importation of competitive goods more difficult. It's called import substitution industrialization, but the fancy name just serves to highlight specific practices in existence for a while. Mostly, it didn't work to create the employment or industries the governments hoped for. Countries like Brazil did fairly well, including the support of companies like Embraer (you've probably flown in an Embraer jet), but the larger result was making crappy alternatives to real products. The Caterham driving GT6's Tokyo Road Course in real life seemed awesome, but Claiborne thinks it's a poor substitution for real fake life.


Those ''Real Life'' graphics just don't have the same quality as GT5.

Get it fixed God and don't release reality till you know that it is up to scratch next time. Tsk tsk will omnipresent beings never learn?


All powerful deities, am I right? Fellas?

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