There's a lot to learn about hunting moose from the web. For instance, one trick is to understand their natural environment and natural behaviors. A bull moose, like other crepuscular creatures, does most of its foraging at dawn or in twilight, which makes those ideal times for tracking the beasts. They're quick and crafty creatures who are quick to hide in brush or behind densely wooded patches to avoid detection. Patience is key given how cagey these large animals often are. You can use a hand gun, but you're probably going to want a heavier caliber rifle, at least a 30/06. Though we'd have never guessed it, there's a correlation between putting car posters on your wall and hunting moose according to Van Sarockin.

A Pantera from the center of Road Test mag. Complemented by other posters of a MG TC, TVR, SAAB turbo and vintage Alfa's. No athletes. No starlets. One carved moosehead...

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Photo Credit: DANNY GOHLKE/AFP/Getty Images