Commenter Of The Day: Hat Trick Edition

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Every once in a while, a Jalopnik commenter will have a very special day. As we scour the commentary, a single name will attach itself to several notable quips, a bon mot or two, and possibly even a rapier witticism. Today was one of those days. And if you don't recognize the solemn, massively mustachioed gent at left, well, it'll all make sense in a sec, as we announce our Commenter Of The Day.


It's Manuel Garlinho Bento, the late, great Portuguese goalkeeper of the Malaise Era and also the middle Reagan years. Who knows if the recipient of our COTD Very Special Daytime Achievement Award—for scoring the rare commenter hat trick, three nifty comments over the course of a working day—had the stalwart netman for Benefica, "Bento" himself, in mind when choosing a moniker, but regardless our awardee is J-Lop's own Bento.

In order of amusing-ness. First, in response to Ben W's Sentesi post:

The Pininfarina Sintesi! We've got more Scissors than a Bangladesh Levi's Factory!!!!

Then with two comments on Hardigree's old-folks suit and Nissan engineers:

Does the suit make them drive really slow in the left lane with the blinker on?????


The computer to run the suit is cleverly hidden in a box of kleenex with a crochet cover placed on the rear window ledge


Raphael Orlove

@ԀҨГɐЯR: As Mister Butlertron would say, Oh Wesley. Of course then he would go about dusting things and using his magical cardigan, but hey, I'm just a man.