Commenter Of The Day: Happy 75th Repeal Day Edition

The teetotalers over at The Women's Christian Temperance Union, convinced alcohol was the source of all of society's problems, succeeded in getting the government to pass the 18th Amendment essentially outlawing the demon liquor in 1920. Rather than discourage society from doing bad things it helped create a large mob movement and made the criminal activity of drinking sexy. The unpopularity of the movement eventually led to President Franklin Roosevelt amending a key law which then allowed the sale of beer and wine, starting the chain of events which led to the final states ratifying the 21st Amendment, exactly 75 years to the day. As reported earlier today, Audi still wants to tell you what to do, leading Thrashy to make his own visual commentary.


Happy Repeal Day!

[Photo: National Park Service: Edison]

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