Commenter Of The Day: Greetings From Ass-Crack-Istan Edition

One of the most curious aspects of the entire hub-bub surrounding the saga of a Rolling Stone reporter and General McChrystal is no one remembers a lot of this happened before. People express shock that a Rolling Stone reporter could be there, at all. What people don't seem to remember is Evan Wright — the reporter whose book Generation Kill became a miniseries on HBO — wrote an article about U.S. troops in Afghanistan that caused a minor stir called "Greetings From Ass-crack-istan" when we first invaded. Who was he writing for? Rolling Stone magazine. It was exciting, I'm sure, though maybe not as exciting as being embedded in a super Bugatti like trev wants. On the other hand, it's maybe more dangerous.

would do anything to get that opportunity. Make it happen Jalop, that would make a great article. "Jalop reader does unspeakable things to get the opportunity to drive 260mph, here is his story".
Subtitle - Reader dies in horrible, flaming, 2million dollar accident.


Get in line, bro.

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