Grape Nuts! The breakfast of grownups! Euell Gibbons told us so, on national television. I bought it anyway. One small problem, however: Grape Nuts taste absolutely terrible. Like crunchy cardboard. But that's the taste of alleged health. Not pleasure. You want pleasure? Tell me about Cocoa Pebbles. All of which leads us to our COTD.

Good old mytdawg pretty much nailed it, in response to Hardigree's Caliber SRT4 review. By way of background, Matt allowed for a skirmish between his vanishing golden youth and his impending surly adulthood. Which prompted this:

For all intents and purposes your adult self should never be consulted regarding vehicle purchases or breakfast cereal.

That is all.

It was a comment that was noted by MANY. Which in no way influences our decision, but we do enjoy the esprit de corps.