While the first predecessors of modern computers arrived in World War II, it wasn't until the 1976 movie "Futureworld" (sequel to Yul Brynner's "Westworld") that programmers and technology advanced enough to depict a three-dimensional human face. Of course, every adult contemporary radio station can afford CGI characters on screen, and many movies are nothing but. Yet it took some time to overcome the "uncanny valley," the problem Cobrajoe-Proud Minardiate ran into while explaining why the Shelby GT recreation was just a little too realisitic:

I rather like it.

Sure, it could have used a tweak here and there (especially in the roof and window area), but I think it's rather attractive.

However, I do have a theory of why most people hate it. The uncanny valley.

Basically, it says that we love a '69 Shelby GT500, and that we love a car that can remind us of it, but if the likeness approaches that of the real car, it becomes creepy instead. This car fell right into the creepy zone.

Now, if they put that nose and tail on a car without the Shelby stripes and chrome, it would look infinitely better.


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