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Our love of Friday Night Lights the television show exceeds our love of the book and movie. We appreciate the way it presents both the way we see Texas (ungodly attractive people fueled by determination and courage) and the way Texas often is (full of desperate people clinging to Football to fulfill other unsatisfied desires). Even though almost everyone in the cast looks way too young to be in high school, and the whole murdering a guy thing, it's one of the best shows on television. The story Wes posted about the Texas man who rammed into a woman's car because God said she wan't diving like a Christian launched a dozen great one-liners, but we think abgwin captured the Texan-ness of the moment best.


ah, yes, Texas.

Where the mantra is "the higher the hair, the closer to god" and a bejeweled "JESUS" broach is not considered tacky; after all, they're real diamonds.


Too true, but in Texas' defense we should also mention the woman probably looked like Minka Kelly.

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