Crazy, we know it, but at a massive international auto show where the biggest true reveals are a Dodge crossover and hybrid pickup trucks, it becomes possible for a 35-year-old French/Czech mashup to steal our heart. And judging by your comments, the same goes for you all. Of course, this shared sentiment got us thinking. How could this be? How could a design study blow our collective minds farther than a $1.4 million carbon-fiber Lamborghini? I mean, the Faurecia doesn't even have an engine, let alone performance numbers. Oh, and as the Faurecia is indeed motor-less, we're going to go ahead and name it out green car of the year. Shake a carbon footprint at that, you dirty old hybrids. Anyhow, the reason why the Faurecia is so head slappin' after you jump.

From today's Faurecia press kit post, here's what Harumph had to say:

this car will unfortunately never make it to the u.s. because it greatly exceeds the government's limits on how interesting the cars sold here can be.


Here, here. Ahem. What he said. The end is nigh. We need a cigarette. A Gauloises in fact.