Commenter Of The Day: Fortress Edition

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I've never seen the film Fortress all the way through, but I've seen a clip of it and read the wikipedia entry so I know enough (though I will watch it some day). Bottom line: Christopher Lambert is imprisoned with his wife after trying to have a second child against the strict one-child policy. But it's the future, so the prison is full of clones and run by a computer. Eventually, they're saved by a computer virus and some quick-thinking. People who have seen it say it isn't the worst movie ever made, which sounds untrue like texting-while-driving not leading to more crashes. Maybe the government really should just ban having kids, or at least allowing them in the car says Celtic188.

Easy political points for politicians

Easy money for the government when they write tickets for 'distracted driving'

No one ever talks about banning infants and children from the car. They are much more distracting than a typical cellphone call


No, definitely ban them, let's not wait until 2017.

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