Commenter Of The Day: Fly Wheels Edition

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As we wrap up twelve hours of Detroit auto show coverage, there's a few loose ends that still need tying up. Like the hotel whose guest list include several journalists and a few bed bugs, for example. But we're all lightweights compared to the man whose statue watches over the proceedings, one Joe Louis, who defended his title 13 times in 29 months. Modern fighters might exhaust themselves with a fight every six months; Louis won all of the battles, and went on to become the patron saint of Detroit sports (that's his fist, from another statue on Jefferson Avenue, in our auto show graphic.) For all we've seen today I keep coming back to that piece of alien technology sitting in a Porsche race car. Markstre302 also found something fascinating about Porsche's flywheel, but for different reasons:

How Jalopnik Created A Real-Life Posting System.

1. Read the Story
The commenter reads the excellently written, unbiased, intelligent article.

2. Zzzt!
A small short in the commenter's brain thinks of a witty, inspired, hilarious comment to write.

3. Typing
Translation from thought to finger movement happens in between switching pages so the boss doesn't see you on "that damn car site" again, and answering phone calls.

4. Posting
The comment is now launched into the inter-tubes for public viewing.

5. Editing
Upon looking at the newly posted comment, the commenter realizes the post is either incomplete, not as funny as intended, has glaring typos, or simply is just confusing.

6. Interaction
After correcting the previous errors other commenters interact by responding, promoting, and congratulation the poster on a job well do and certainly a COTD award.

7. Lose
Be thwarted in winning COTD by Ash's witty one liner in the same story.

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Luckily/unluckily for us, Ash chose not to grace us with his presence after the Gawkocalypse. I do believe he is now busy f**king it up for all the other commentators over at Hooniverse.

Congratulations on your COTD!