One of the best organizations to join in college is the one responsible for bringing musical/comedy/entertainment acts to campus. In addition to getting to meet the acts themselves, you learn a lot about dealing with strange situations. For example, when a certain famous bearded comedian tries to charge you for an opening act he's supposed to provide you point out he only filled half the time for his set so you can only pay him half as much. You learn to negotiate way the "organic vodka" clause in a certain famous late night hip-hop group's rider. Sometimes, though, it's tough to stand up to someone. In those cases you learn to be grateful for random assistance from a celebrity's girlfriend who smacks them around a bit when they complain about the lack of KFC in their dressing room as per their rider. People are so privileged sometimes, like drivers in Dubai says Nurburgring.

Oil barrels rolling, millions of dollars.

Keffiyehs on our heads, we don't wear collars.

Ferrari, Lamborghini, hell we'll settle for Mercedes.

Driving in Dubai impresses all of the ladies.

Burnouts every day, SUVs roll on two wheels.

Drive to the airport, to my Jet with the best meals.

When you see this Shiekh you're gonna freak at all of that gold.

Got ruby covered diamonds,

I'll still be fly when I'm old.

This is Dubai, say hi, cause you ain't ever leaving.

Come and take a drive, seeing is believing.

This is Dubai, don't say bye, once you see our sweet rides.

You'll be on the highway every day, and every night.

That Bentley just rolled twice, is this GTA4?

Stick around a few more days, you'll see even more.

This is Dubai, don't say bye, cause our highway's the best.

Even Matt Hardigree's gotta agree our roads beat out the rest.

Yep, they're definitely spending that money.