Commenter Of The Day: Flagged Down Edition

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In the nerdy cops post commenter Jasondavis01 pointed out the cops use these and SLC and provided a photo. Others noted the backwards flag on the Toyota Camry police cruiser (seriously). This is where CaptMatt15 and TatsuFX explained that, on uniforms and vehicles, the flag is portrayed inverted from normal so that it looks like its "fluttering in the wind in the direction of movement of the object." It's an interesting bit of trivia and we wanted to include it even though the COTD, from Steve_in_NC in the Woodward Dream Cruise helicopter view post.

Regardless of the current state of the domestics, Detroit is the Motor City. That entire three county area is deeply rooted to the automotive world and culture. This is more than the individual cars you see, this is a cultural event, and it is over the top in scale. Go to any restaurant in the three county area that week and you can find your own mini show just checking out the rides in the parking lot. This is a grand gathering of automotive enthusiasts from all stripes from all over bringing what they own, what they wrenched on, what they love, to share with like minded souls. I know of nothing like this anywhere.


And if you're driving to it in an official vehicle, put the flag on the other way.

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Thanks for the honor. Will there be a ceremony? And if so can you get Karen Newman to sing the Anthem?