Commenter Of The Day: First Fleet Edition

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Everyone's favorite fact about Australia is that it started out as a penal colony. Our favorite fact about Australia is the ute. Until Jalopnik becomes a cultural touchstone for non-auto enthusiasts, Australia will still have to endure the prison thing in other parts of the world. This goes back to when 11 ships set out from Great Britain in 1787 for New South Wales, which was to be home of the first European settlement on the continent. Led by Captain Arthur Phillip, approximately 1400 people (mostly prisoners) of the First Fleet landed in Botany Bay to establish a camp, which sucked. They eventually found what they were looking for at Port Jackson, a safe harbor to the north, where they established a permanent camp (for an interesting fictionalization of the First Fleet we can recommend the play Our Country's Good).


And much like those first settler, there must be a first cast of Top Gear Australia. And like Australia itself, 13oostedwgn needed to make a few generalizations about the program:

G'day, and welcome to Ostraalian Top Geah.

On tonight's program, Browny reviews the new GT-R:
[cut to vid clip]
Warren Brown: "Crikey!"

Coxy reviews the new AMG CL65:
[cut to vid clip]
Charles Cox: "Crikey!"

And Pazzati-y reviews the new basic Fiesta:
[cut to vid clip]
Steve Pazzati: "Crikey!"

Later on, we'll be making fun of pooftas, drinking lots of beeah, and giving hints on how to get the last bits of wallabee out of your grille.

But first, the Crikey wall......




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