"Escape" (a.k.a. The Piña Colada Song) is one of those strange songs you can't get away from. It's a staple of classic radio and coastal stations with people often requesting the tune thinking it is a song by Jimmy Buffett when it is actually by composer and playwright Rupert Holmes. Not to spoil the ending, but it's a three-part song about a (we suppose) middle-aged man who sees an ad for a lady seeking a gent that likes the coconutty drink. Though currently in a relationship, he replies to the ad and decides to meet the woman. When he arrives at the bar he discovers, lo and behold, the woman is actually his current significant other. When we asked you what's the worst thing to happen to your parked car we expected the usual mix of accidents and vandalism, but rustylink shocked us all with this other story of mistaken infidelity.

New York - Harlem, visting friends. Some asshole with a bucket of tar and brush paints on the front fender and hood of our Passat in huge letters "I am fu*king your girl" - it was my wife's car..we both eyed each other suspiciously...they also smashed the rear window out and keyed it. The NYPD was a big help - they felt that we were a victim of mistaken identity (thanks Officer Donut)
The ride home and getting gas on the Jersey Turnpike was fun the next day...


But does she like getting caught in the rain?