Ennui is that most spiritual of boredoms, felt in the soul. The word is borrowed from the French β€” a culture who can make malaise even seem like a movement more than just something that happens. I'll give you an example: when I worked in a cubicle I was occasionally bored but when my life became a cubicle I was experiencing ennui. The 2012 BMW M5 seems like a reasonable cure for boredom, but Maximum_Sarge sees something deeper in the lack of a wagon option.

No wagon? I just don't get it.

If you want sporty, buy a coupe. If you want practicality, buy a wagon.

If you're scared, and a little unsure... buy a sedan with folding rear seats.

Sedans ARE the original 'crossover'. Face it - you bought a sedan because your life just isn't cool enough to allow you a coupe, and your life isn't interesting enough give you cool outdoor gear to attach to the racks on your wagon-car. You are neither 'clubby' nor 'sporty'. You are a simply a bore. Sitting smugly in the middle. In your safety sedan.

Feeling sorry for you, as I do, I would like to impose a rule that all future sedans actually be hatchbacks, so you can have a little more of the utility and practicality you dream of, without suffering the 'hey mommy!' jeers from the rest of the guys.

So there you will be, boring_guy, happier than ever, sitting gleefully at the helm of your station-wagon-in-cognito.

Maybe then, we wagonless bores in the US will at least have an S5 sportback from which to choose...

And maybe even a CTS-V wagon.